LA/NY Premiere!

Dances with Films!

Ok, so if you’re in LA on JUNE 13th at 9:30pm and happen to want to see the BEST THING THAT HAS EVER HAPPENED TO YOU, go check out our first feature at Mann’s Chinese Theatre which is now just The Chinese Theatre which somehow sounds more racist but is still a great venue.

It’s part of the Dances with Films Festival and they are great.  They even screened The Exquisite Corpse Project, The movie that our resident director Chioke Nassor co-wrote (now available on!)

And if you’re not in LA, maybe you’ll be in New York JUNE 13th at 8pm, where How to Follow Strangers will be the opening night film at LES film festival!

Hope to see you there!


This is a photo of the packed Toldi theatre in Budapest where people sat in the aisles to watch our premiere screening at the Titanic Film Festival!  A great day indeed! If you are in town on April 12th come on out for the second showing!

Ilana Glazer is a star!

So Ilana Glazer,  the lead of How to Follow Strangers, and my own personal muse just got Broad City the show she co-created, writes, and stars in picked up to series by Comedy Central.  This is amazing news for the earth because that means more Ilana on screen all the time.  Can’t wait.


The poster!

So this lovely poster was designed by the amazingly talented cartoonist Domitille Collardey. And the logo for the company, Real Human Films, was designed by Laura Crescenti.  I love this because it feels lonely in a way, but the color palette is warm and optimistic.  Also, it reminds me a bit of the cover of one of my favorite designers, Christoph Niemann.

Hope you like it!


1 ©Weegee: Lovers with 3-D glasses at the Palace Theatre (Infra-red), 1943.

So, I have been working on a feature film.  An original script, the first that I’ve written alone.2  The project is a small affair for me to direct, and I realized lately, I’m very inspired by people who show a transparency in their work.  I decided that as I start to make this feature, I’d use this space a place to talk about influence, and also to show where I am in the process.3 Read the rest of this entry »